Virtual Museums class: Students presentations

The digital projects designed by the Virtual Museums Class undergrads, were presented on December 4 at the Smith Warehouse. The projects focused on the virtual reconstructions of lost or underrepresented heritage, entailing the use of a number of different technologies and methods such as Augmented Reality, immersive Virtual Reality, 3D modeling, WebGIS, holistic visualization.


Ryan Bennert: Ashur to Nineveh: The progression of town-planning programs.

Madison Boyan & Jessica Roth: The Tower of Babylon: The reality behind the myth.

Nora Gerien-Chen: The Femminist Virtual Museum.

Lucas Giles: Lost Heritage in Naples: The church of Santa Chiara.

Allan Kiplagat: Mapping the damage: Tracking and screening lost artifacts in Syria and Iraq.

Jessica Lee & Emily Schmitz: Reconstructing Kathmandu Dharahara Tower and Kasthamandap Temple.

Hoang My Linh Luu: The Buddhas of Bamiyan: An historical and cultural narrative.

George Mellgard & Michael Rosamilia: Visualizing Khorsabad.

Alta Zhang: The lions of Venice: Reconstruction and deconstruction of an iconic symbol.

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