Regium@Lepidi 2200


The Regium@Lepidi Project 2200 started in 2013 thanks to a collaboration between Duke University and Lions Club Reggio Emilia Host Città del Tricolore. The aim of this project is to enhancing the cultural heritage of the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy through the promotion and recognition of its historical significance. The Roman city is a hidden treasure for Reggio Emilia; this is because it is currently very difficult to find visual clues of its presence except in the city’s urban structure and in a number of remains preserved and displayed in the Civic Museums. This initiative is one of the first scientific virtual reconstructions, in Italy, of a Roman city that will be developed through an array of digital methods which include the acquisition of existing data (e.g. the public buildings of the Forum lying in the basement of a local bank) and their reproduction in computer graphics and virtual environments.


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